Getting Started


Here are tips to think about as you embark on the journey of starting your business.


First things first:

1. Write a business plan.

2. Identify your target audience.

3. Research Competition


Build a strong foundation.


Your logo is really the foundation of your business. All of your marketing efforts will build off of the logo design.





Should you use a logo symbol or type treatment only?

There are all kinds of logo designs using both symbols with words, or only words (think FedEx), and sometimes only symbols — the artist Prince changed his name to a symbol.

Typographic treatments (words only) can be successful, although adding a symbol that can visually communicate the nature of your business can compliment your brand and make it more memorable. Sometimes the symbol can stand alone depending on the application, especially after you've build recognition or brand equity.


Symbols as metaphors are often good choices, but try not to use clichés, ever.




Feelings About Your Brand

Think about the companies that you  purchase products or services from. Do you tend to go with a company that you feel you can trust? If it's a company providing a medical service, or a product from the food industry most likely you make sure that you’re buying from a brand that you can trust.


When you buy clothes do you choose a luxury brand or a sports outfitter? Maybe both. Regardless, you're buying based on the quality of the product itself, but subconsciously you’re buying into the company’s ethos, the logo, and/or packaging, and customer service provided by the company.


All of these aspects play important roles in how you feel about the brand, leading you to making a choice to purchase. That's right, feelings — emotions are definitely involved in the way we perceive visual presentation and ultimately why people buy what they do.

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Fonts, Colors, and Visual Space

When designing a logo or brand the designer must listen and take into consideration the clients objectives, then start the conceptual process choosing the best font and color palette that will best represent your company. Speaking of fonts, it's best to manipulate the font in a way that makes it unique. A successful logo should work in black and white as well as color. Both color and font choice are very important factors to consider because they help create the feeling about the brand. Also, the visual space that each piece occupies in very important for the aesthetic value of the logo design. Having enough "white space" is very important. The last thing you want is a cluttered logo. Remember that simplicity is best.


When I'm designing a logo for a client I like to start on paper and deconstruct all of the pieces and find how the letter forms play against each other. Sometimes it leads me in the right direction to get to an unexpected positive result.

Should you include LLC?

The logo doesn't require use of the LLC to be used. However, it should be included with the name of your company someplace in your other marketing materials, but your logo is  your identity, mark, or symbol that you want to make it memorable. The best way to achieve that is to simplify and not include too many details.





If you haven't already, clearly define your audience. Identifying and understanding your customer base is pertinent.



Research your competition and strive to be better whether it means delivering  a better quality product, and/or a higher standard of service. What makes your product or service different? What are the unique benefits that you can offer?



Define the mission of your company. Whatever your quest may be, put it out there as your manifesto, and commit to it all the way.



Executing  your marketing strategy in phases makes a lot of sense, especially if you're working within a tight budget. Your overall objective is to create a cohesive look across all marketing materials so that each piece supports the other and builds strong brand recognition. Make sure to start with a solid logo design, and graphic identity — perhaps a brand color, and specific fonts that your marketing materials will use across the board.



Your website should be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting your brand's style and mission. Here is where you can give your customers all of the information they need to use your service, purchase your product, or attend your event, whatever the case may be — make it rock!



A  social media campaign and email marketing are great ways to introduce customers to your product or service, and both offer a great way to stay engaged with your customers, and build brand loyalty as you grow your business.



A digital and printed brochure is another tool that you can use to market your business. They are important to use to drive people to your website to find more information about your company. An interactive brochure or EPUB allows you to incorporate animated images, text, links to social media and websites. You can also have video and audio files play within the brochure or publication.


Adding illustration, hand lettering, or interactive elements to your marketing materials can help make your marketing materials more engaging!


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